Friday, March 29, 2013

Blue Bonnets

I had to share this old picture I came across. Don't you love old pictures? This is my Great Grandfather Joe (I called him Papa.) and Great Grandmother Helen (I called her Nanan.) with their daughter, you guessed it, my Grandmother, Dorothy (Grandma). I love the old car in the background and the flapper dress and those great hats. I don't look good in hats but I love the idea of them. It's funny that even during black and white photos, people took their picture in the bluebonnets. If you're not from Texas, you might not know that this is a long time tradition.

I was on Facebook earlier today and I came across a picture from the Texas Hill Country site and I started wondering if this is where this picture was taken...
Cool, huh?
Enjoy your weekend and if you decide to take your picture in the bluebonnets, don't forget your stick to scare away the rattlesnakes!!! :)

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  1. I was just reminiscing about blue bonnet pictures. My youngest was born at the end of March and we took her picture in the bluebonnets when she was just a few days old. She was so tiny that we placed in her in a pink doll bassinet. We've tried to carry on the tradition of bluebonnet pictures but it gets hard to find time and a safe place. BTW, I will remember my stick. Every year people post that crazy picture of the rattlesnake in the bluebonnets. It freaks me out. If you find any good spots in SA let us know. gloria


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