Monday, January 6, 2014

Chic Closet Inspiration

In Style
I needed a little inspiration to start on my closet. What is more inspiring than this? There are so many things that I love about this closet. It is so chic! The cedar plank wall is genius. I love the mix of its rustic vibe with the elegant mirrored vanity. Who wouldn't want to stand on that rug with bare feet?! I also love the risk-taking twist of a black chandelier. Just dreamy and so original.

Country Living
This closet inspired me in many ways as well. The rug is an unusual choice for a closet, but I love it! (risk taking again) The pops of pink and red are beautiful. You'll notice that everything in the room is free standing which is also unusual for a closet but shows that you can have a beautiful AND functional closet without spending a fortune for custom built in rods and shelves. I love the idea of artwork on the walls because often there is a lot of wall space left open in a closet. Why not treat your closet like any other room? Why not pamper yourself with some fresh flowers too!

 Cottage Living
The reason this closet stands out to me is that it was a very basic builder-grade walk in closet before the addition of a few items that make it special. This is what I'm trying to do in my closet and it would be easy for you to do in yours as well. The addition of wallpaper is the first thing that I noticed. This room would look completely different without it. The look could be achieved with stenciling also. I like the fact that they took the ceiling into consideration when wallpapering. I love the addition of furniture in a closet. It makes you want to stay a while. This round ottoman allows you to walk around it easily. The chandelier adds a bit of elegance and again, the room wouldn't be the same without it. The ladder resting against the wall is a great storage solution for scarves and I'm sure would work for other things as well such as belts. Investment in some wood hangers is also a good choice. Wire hangers just would not work here at all.
Now instead of just dreaming about all of this, I need to get to work. If you would like to see some other closets and more rooms that I find inspiring, please join me on Pinterest by clicking here.

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