Monday, February 3, 2014

Valentine's Day School Bulletin Board

Hi everyone! I know it has been a long time since I posted. Both of the boys have their birthdays in January and love to stretch them out as much as possible. (A trait they learned from me.) If they were younger, I would be posting about the elaborate party decorations, cake and goodie bags all in the theme of the event of course, but we are beyond all of that. Now it is bowling and laser tag, pizza and candy. Not as much fun to plan but definitely easier for me!

Today I spent the day at school working on the PTA bulletin board so I thought I would share...

This is putting me in the Valentine's mood. I want to go out and buy those cute little conversation hearts and heart shaped lollipops! Unfortunately, as I get older, not only are birthdays different (like with the kids) but so is Valentine's Day. Not that I don't love being married, but I remember the days when I was single or even when I was a kid wondering if I was going to get a HUGE Valentine's Day card (which is technically a regular sized one) from a boy that I liked. A special one with a doily heart on it, not one of those little fold up ones that everyone else got. Now I don't even want to go out on Valentine's Day because it's too crowded and the restaurants usually have a pre fixe menu. Boy, am I getting old!

On to the next thing. Please come back for more decorating adventures and artistic endeavors!

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