Sunday, January 5, 2014

Cool Basket for Storage

I wanted to share with you this cool basket that I found at World Market. It was a perfect solution for my dilema and it might help you too. I have a small hallway between my laundry room and the outside side patio door. A while back I decided to add some hooks to the wall so the kids could hang up their backpacks and jackets after school instead of throwing them all over the kitchen and sofas. This has worked out great...until winter. I didn't have a place for gloves, caps and scarfs. The hallway is very narrow so I couldn't add anything to the opposite wall and if I hung anything above the hooks, the kids wouldn't be able to reach, let alone look in the basket.

This basket was the perfect solution. In the summer I can throw in sunglasses, sunscreen, etc. It not only has a handle, but on the back there are hangers so you can put it directly up against the wall. I think these would be cute hung up a wall as toy storage in a kids room or in an office to separate files. It also comes in smaller sizes ~ great for ingoing and outgoing mail. The possibilities are endless.
I love this little basket. No more lost gloves!
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