Saturday, June 14, 2014

How to Make a Really Long Curtain Rod

After I painted the bedroom white, I knew that I needed to add drapes for some color. The problem was that this is a very wide expanse of windows and I was having trouble finding a rod long enough, even one that expands. I'll show you my solution...

I purchased 2 rods from World Market (60 to 108) I have tried the ones from Target but they screw in differently so it won't work, you'll have to buy this specific brand.

You can see in the picture that you will have a skinny rod and a thicker rod. The thin one will slide into the thick one. With two boxes, you will have another thick one that you will use on the other end of the skinny one. Therefore, you will have a 3 pieces total with the skinny rod in the middle. (You will have one thin rod that is extra and you won't need for this project.

You can see here that this makes one long rod and it is still adjustable as you can slide the thicker rods in and out as needed.

The finials will screw into the ends. (You will have 2 leftover that you don't need.)

I used 3 of the hanging brackets as you can see here. One in the middle and 2 on each side because I wanted to have the drapes hang between the windows as seen below.

I also have a large expanse of windows in the living room but I have the drapes on the two ends instead as seen below.

how to make a really long curtain rod

I used the same method for creating the rod here and the brackets are in the same places.

The finished product. I attached the drapes with rings. I try to hang the rod as high as possible to elongate the windows and to create an effect of a higher ceiling.  The drapes are from Pottery Barn Peyton Blue Dawn.

So if you have been putting off hanging drapes because you couldn't find a rod, you have no more excuses. Get out there and start hanging!

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