Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Junk Gypsy Inspired

HGTV Magazine

I'm taking a little break from the Master Bedroom to give a shout out to two girls who totally inspire me to be more creative and fun. If you haven't heard of them or had the pleasure of watching their show, you can check out The Junk Gypsies on GAC (Great American Country channel) on Thursday nights at 9/8c. Their new season started last week. I spent the entire day last Thursday binge watching last seasons episodes and I was so impressed by their ability to take junk and transform it into treasures. Their style mixes rustic with glam as you can see from the photo above. Their look is not very practical but boy would I love to live in their world. Their look is dreamy and whimsical and as one of their customers said on the show, " I want to be a Junk Gypsy when I grow up."

There is another reason that I'm bringing them up now. As you may know, I have been dragging my feet on my closet redo. It might sound funny, but because I have the closet all to myself, it has actually made it more challenging for me to come up with a concept. I don't have anyone else's opinion or needs to take into consideration. Having a blank canvas almost makes it harder to get started. Well, the Junk Gypsies were all the inspiration that I needed! I might not be able to get away with their look in the rest of the house, but I'm totally doing it in my closet!

The first question for me, since it is one of the main things in the room is wall color. I'm thinking either pink or turquoise. (Gypsy inspired of course.) Maybe turquoise walls and pink chandelier??? That sounds very Betsy Johnson, right? I'm really more Lucky brand so I need to think about that.

I think the real point of their style is to just do what you want and not be too worried about what you're "supposed to do" or to get to caught up in making something too perfect. Being a rule follower,  I think I can learn a little bit from them here. I like that they don't take themselves too seriously and that all off their designs have soul. That is really more of what I'm going for here than a literal interpretation of their design style. It still has to be ME.

There's the turquoise closet. What do you think?

Love the pink too. Here we go.....decisions, decisions. HELP!

Ok folks, I hope you get to check out the show. You won't be disappointed. You know what I'll be doing tomorrow night and it's not painting my closet...not yet anyway.

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