Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Halloween Then and Now

Halloween decorating with crows

  I changed up the Halloween exterior this year a little bit. It's all about pumpkins and crows. Oh, and a few skeletons are hanging around too. I don't know why but it is taking me a long time to decorate this year. I can't believe that Friday is Halloween already. I really need to get my act together.

  I was so much more prepared last year. I guess that was the case as my ten year old wanted a party. If you'd like to see the scavenger hunt that we did, you can see it HERE. I had to be very organized  to do this but it was so much fun. If you have kids and you haven't done one before, it is worth the work. They loved it!

  This year we will be more low key and do the usual stuff like carving the pumpkins, baking goodies and trick or treating but it is nice to just do the traditional things. I love making Halloween memories with my kids! Do you have any special Halloween traditions?

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