Sunday, November 23, 2014

Thanksgiving Place Setting

Thanksgiving table setting ideas

It has been a while since I did something a little different for our Thanksgiving table. I felt like I was in a rut so when I saw that World Market was having a sale on selected table linens, I used that as an excuse to do something new.

I love a rustic look and have been inspired lately by some Nancy Meyers movie sets. I love her style and used some of her sets as inspiration to create my look.

                                                          One of my favorite Nancy Meyers sets ("It's Complicated")
I started with the wood and candle centerpiece which I already had on my bar top. I like something low on a table so that everyone can see each other while they dine and visit with one another and candles on a dining room table are always a must!

Next I added the wheat just because it reminds me of Thanksgiving. I wanted to add a little green since I'm not doing fresh flowers, so I found these moss covered balls at Hobby Lobby. I placed them in clay pots, also from H.L., and white washed them a little to give them an aged look.

The wood coasters from World Market make a great stand for the salt, pepper and gravy.

Some simple embellishments for the armoire included oversized pinecones from Hobby Lobby hung with velvet ribbon from Anthropologie and my William Sonoma turkey from years past.

You might notice that I'm missing some chairs. I'm on the lookout for a really long be continued...

I just selected very simple linen herringbone placemats that will go with anything and somewhat casual napkins and chargers. I mixed these with formal china and silver that has been handed down. I have always loved a mixture of formal and casual and think it gives the table a more modern feel.

Now that the table is set, I just have a lot of cooking to do! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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