Tuesday, June 17, 2014

7 Ideas to Freshen Up Furniture and Accessories

After painting the Master Bedroom and hanging drapes, I decided that some of the furniture in the room needed to be reinvented. I started with this ottoman, painting the base and recovering with some leftover fabric and a burlap rug that I found. (The burlap rug is from Armoires and Accents)

This was the ottoman before. This khaki color just does not work in the room.

My nightstand from World Market was all one color which made the iron detail on the door hard to see. I painted the inside a grey-blue to make the ironwork stand out.

Now you can see all of the beautiful detail on the cabinet doors.

I have a wood and upholstered chair that I bought from a model home sale a while back that had a light stain. I wanted to bring in a little of the grey-blue without recovering It, so I took a dry brush and went lightly over the carving.

This is what the chair looked like before.

Here is the after. The carving stands out so much more now.

Next, some accessories got a makeover. This wooden box had a recess at the top so I took some wrapping paper that I found at Homegoods and decoupaged that to the top to give it a little color and interest. I added a little bit of aged oak stain over the top and sanded down to give it the look of an antique box.

Rosary beads were painted white.

Picture frames were painted to match the new color scheme in the room.

Remember these trunks? Cute in this before picture but painted to match the bedroom now...

The small one is above the armoire now.

I whitewashed the large one and now it sits at the end of the bed.

Making a few small color changes was easy. I only used 2 colors to do all of these projects. (the wall color and the blue-grey) Spreading out the two colors throughout the room gives a more cohesive look and ties the entire room together. All of these items were things that I already had and just reinvented. So when redoing any room, take a look through your own house first and repaint, recover and reuse. You can't get any more frugal than that!

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