Monday, June 16, 2014

Pillows ,Pillows, Pillows

Another change in the bedroom...pillows. I'm obsessed with them. If I didn't love my husband, the bed would be covered with them. Not that he ever makes the bed, but he is very practical and I know he would give me a hard time if there were any more than this. I have to restrain myself because if I didn't my house would be covered with pillows....and candles...and shoes, actually. I think he might keep me from being a hoarder.

Even though I love pillows, I do have trouble finding ones that I like. This forced me to learn how to sew and a few years back I bought my first sewing machine. If I can teach myself, you can do it too. I still have not learned how to put in a zipper but that's on my list of things to do. (So intimidating!)

 The center pillow I did purchase a few years back at Restoration Hardware, back before they became so bland and industrial chic. (It's actually an outdoor pillow.) The yellow pillow is from World Market. I loved the embroidery. The other two are actually kitchen towels from Anthropologie. I found them in the clearance section for $4.95 each. I bought 4 and sewed them together. They were already the perfect size!

You'll notice that these pillows are from the same fabric. It is actually a scarf that I found at a little boutique at The Pearl. I loved the open weave and I'm a sucker for stripes.

The width of the fabric was perfect for the bolster above so I just wrapped the pillow that came with the chair and attached the sides with yarn through the open weave.

The other pillow I sewed up like a bag and folded over. I just looked around the house for a way to attach the flap and came up with this cross. (Not very comfy to sit on but you can just flip it. Sometimes you can be a little impractical when decorating.) I actually looked in my closet first for buttons, broaches or even belt buckles, but this was my favorite.

One more addition to the bedroom is this hand painted pillow. I just recovered the pillow in a cheap muslin and took a stencil that I already had and painted it. I always keep white and beige muslin around for different projects because you can do so much with it by embellishing it. I also save all of my old pillows, even if I don't like the pattern or color I can always recover them or at least pull the stuffing out and reuse it. (As long as it's not down, then you just have to recover!)

I'm still adding in a little red here and there because of the rug so just a few more pillows might be added....I know, I need help.

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